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recipe review: mini crustless tofu quiches from fatfree vegan kitchen
March 31, 2008, 12:03 am
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I just tried these little quiches and they were such a nice surprise!

I added some chopped broccoli to the vegetable mix that was called for, and only had dry chives and rosemary, but it all worked well – I’m pretty sure you could go with whatever fillings you like and still end up with yummy quiches.  Extra-firm silken tofu might work better than firm next time (they were very light and a bit crumbly) and I will definitely double the recipe, because something this tasty and healthy should last for more than a few bites. Word of advice – use a good flexible spatula to scrape out the tofu mixture into the pans, or else you’ll end up wasting quite a bit, especially if you make it in a blender.

Mini Crustless Tofu Quiches | Fatfree Vegan Kitchen


March 29, 2008, 11:53 pm
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soy yogurt blended with mango, raspberries, rosewater and agave turned out very well.

my recent flickr food pics:

pumpkin babka with a chocolate chestnut filling

messy slice of chocolate pudding cake (flavoured with rum and coconut, and “fattened” with Earth Balance – i find that it makes for a firmer pudding than oil)

double/reversed and pecan powered chocolate chip cookies

thin crust pizza with cashew-tofu ricotta and olives/mushrooms/spinach

veganyumyum’s sweet & sour crispy tofu, which i really like but will try with less sweetness and more heat next time.

french lentils and sundried tomatoes stew on lemon basil mashed potatoes

the last one was really easy and delicious, so here’s an explanation of what i did:

roughly chopped up and caramelized an onion in olive oil, added a few chopped cloves of garlic, a bit of allspice and 3-4 dry tomato halves (not the oil packed stuff.) glazed with a good amount of red wine and added the rinsed french lentils, covered in twice as much water and added salt and pepper. after bringing to a boil, this simmered for about 40 minutes half covered.

in the meantime, i boiled a few red skin potatoes, roughly chopped up some basil (but it might be nice to chop it fine for a green effect!) and mashed them together with lemon juice and some finely grated zest, earth balance and the requisite salt and pepper. that’s it!

March 29, 2008, 10:07 am
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the month that passed since my last update suggests that i’m being halted by perfectionism even in the things i do for fun. no good! so instead of worrying that my posts aren’t proper, i’ll go back to my original plan and use this journal to document ideas, recipes, photos or whatever food related tidbits make sense at the time. will it make things boring for potential readers? quite likely, quite often. but i’m hoping it’ll help me keep track of good ideas and inspire you to skip the frozen pierogies and cook some real food for dinner, person who shall not be named.

it’s 6am and i’m still awake, but for technical breakfast i’d like to make a lassi with the very nice mango i still have in the fridge, frozen raspberries, some rosewater and plain soy yogurt.

i’ll put some photos up tomorrow of food i’ve made but never got the chance to blog about. sleeptime now.