Food Plant

March 29, 2008, 10:07 am
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the month that passed since my last update suggests that i’m being halted by perfectionism even in the things i do for fun. no good! so instead of worrying that my posts aren’t proper, i’ll go back to my original plan and use this journal to document ideas, recipes, photos or whatever food related tidbits make sense at the time. will it make things boring for potential readers? quite likely, quite often. but i’m hoping it’ll help me keep track of good ideas and inspire you to skip the frozen pierogies and cook some real food for dinner, person who shall not be named.

it’s 6am and i’m still awake, but for technical breakfast i’d like to make a lassi with the very nice mango i still have in the fridge, frozen raspberries, some rosewater and plain soy yogurt.

i’ll put some photos up tomorrow of food i’ve made but never got the chance to blog about. sleeptime now.


coming soon!
October 2, 2007, 7:20 am
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photos of the mint and coconut cups my roomate made for a vegan bakesale,

of the lemon bars and raspberry-hazelnut cupcakes i intend to make for it tomorrow,

and a recent favourite in the house, my bastardized version of bakmi goreng, a.k.a. tempeh fried noodles in sweet soy sauce (including some thoughts on further uses for the sauce.)